Credit Limit

The official Indigo Card Platinum is an exclusive credit card especially developed for cardholders with or without creditworthiness. Credit card companies often reject card issuance applications due to the poor financial situation of these cardholders.


Second, even if one of the cardholders has a decent credit score, they may not be approved based on their credit score information. However, Indigo Platinum Mastercard is designed to help those who have been rejected by other card brands.

MyIndigoCard’s registered credit limit is only $ 300 or less, as the official fees are less open. For example, with an official account with an annual fee of $ 59, your credit limit could be $ 241 because the cardholder charges the customer for installation and maintenance fees.

The MyIndigoCard comes with a credit limit so you can easily accumulate credit points and high scores that can even lower your score in relevant cases, even if you are working to improve it with the MyIndigoCard connection. Even a high annual fee is not worth a low credit limit on the portal.



MyIndigoCard Connection Broker can give all cardholders access to online and offline credit card transactions, even if their creditworthiness was previously low or bad. However, that alone may not be enough for cardholders to justify an exact demand for that single card for better options that meet the same needs on the platform.

However, if your credit rating is bad, it may be better to have a secured or unsecured credit card, where the credit limit is usually as high as the amount you can deposit with MyIndigoCard. And no matter how much the cardholder’s deposit is, they will come back if they have a good payment history or are close to it.

The cardholder credit limit on MyIndigoCard is $ 300 and it is unclear if the MyIndigoCard payment can be increased using the card on different platforms with more online or offline transactions.

In addition to the annual fee on, the Indigo card avoids several other fees charged by the Indigo Platinum Mastercard and most other cards of this type, including all transaction fees. International, delays in the payments of the cardholder in question.