Suppose you want to use or order the MyIndigoCard after familiarizing yourself with the features and benefits of the Indigo Platinum Mastercard and investing a small portion of your valuable time. The registration process that you must follow in this portal is simple.


MyIndigoCard is licensed by Celtic Bank, a private bank based in Utah, USA. As a trusted card issuer making legitimate offers to cardholders, Celtic Bank has several advantages.

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Traveling with the MyIndigoCard login portal makes it easy to pay through the official login portal. For this reason, more than 720 million cardholders prefer Indigo services on the go. These are the complete steps to create an account online.

MyIndigoCard Registration Procedure

If you just received your MyIndigoCard in the mail, give it a try, it won’t work. It is necessary to activate the Indigo card by registering on the official portal. The steps to activate the card on the official website are explained below.

  • First, visit the official website www.indigocard.com to start activating your card.
  • Once you get to the home page, you will see the option “Sign in”. Click on it.
  • Now enter your login details, including username and password, in the required field.
  • After submitting, click the Register button to continue the rest of the process on the MyIndigoCard registration portal.
  • Now send the information about the card you want to activate.
  • You must now enter your MyIndigoCard PIN code.
  • After entering all the correct information, click the Register button.
  • The previous step will complete your registration process on the official portal.


MyIndigoCard Login Process

The MyIndigoCard, which is linked to Indigo Platinum MasterCard’s secure, easy-to-use and secure home page on the official website www.myindigocard.com, is encrypted and has enabled all measures for error-free access. Registered account holders can follow these important steps to activate MyIndigoCard and purchase offers:

  • Make sure users have a good internet connection as they will need to visit the Indigo Platinum MasterCard website at www.indigocard.com.
  • Now enter your registered username and password attached.
  • Click on the Login tab to access your MyIndigoCard account.
  • Users must now create the PIN code.
  • Then click on the Activation tab to complete this procedure.
  • MyIndigoCard offers many registration benefits such as access and administration, online billing and receipt of account statements, 24/7 monitoring of transaction history, and much more at www.indigocard.com.

Very simple and easy, right? After logging into your account, you will learn more about the features and how to use them properly. The MyIndigoCard login portal offers each registered user the best service. This card is issued only to make transactions safe and easy for all users.

The official portal www.myindigocard.com is extremely easy and safe to use for all users. Credit card account holders can easily access their MyIndigoCard account at any time. You need your access data if you want to connect and use the services offered.

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