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The official MyIndigoCard is absolutely a Platinum Mastercard with the ability to increase your credit limits. Rather than offering cardholders unnecessary offers and rewards, this credit card offers users superior functionality over other credit cards, the Login IndigCard.


Please note that the MyIndigoCard enrollment portal can be accessed on the official Indigo Platinum platform through You can even check the status of your account online.

You can find out how to create your account in this detailed article on the MyIndigoCard connection. Additionally, the guidelines include steps to activate your MyIndigoCard Pay account. Let us begin!

The MyIndigoCard registration portal offers several options to select your preferred payment method from the authorized payment methods for the Indigo card.

MyIndigoCard Payment Details

The easiest way to pay your Indigo credit card bill is online at the official website The ability to use the phone becomes even more attractive thanks to its privileges.

You can easily make payments by calling the Indigo customer service contact number on the back of your Indigo card. The other alternative is by email. You can do this by sending a check or money order.

Also, don’t forget that Indigo MasterCard has to pay $ 25 per month. That is more than 1% of the loan. So check or money order for payments via registered email account verification for online payments.


Therefore, the cardholder can apply for this card online on the official website. It is always more convenient for the customer to use the web administration services of the IndigoCard login portal.

To create your account, register and activate your card at the same time at to get the best services and answers.

Most of Indigo’s credit card customers pay in bulk due to the much simpler user interface of Indigo’s online services on the portal. However, cardholders continue to use payment alternatives such as phone calls.

All registered cardholders can also use MoneyGram or pay by mail, depending on their payment preferences.

MyIndigoCard payments are guaranteed, fast, and much more convenient. After logging into your Indigo card account, enter your personal account information.

The account number can be registered on the official cyclical electronic debit page upon request.

Payment By Phone: To make recurring payments by phone, you must contact customer service at 866-946-9545 or fax 503-268-4711.

Payment By Mail:

MyIndigoCard Postal Address: Genesis FS mapping services, TO POST. Box 4477, Beaverton, OR 97076-4477